miraDry Underarm Sweating & Odour Treatment

Suffering from Excessive Underarm Sweating and Strong Armpit Odour?

Are you worried about sweating in your underarm or un-slightly wetness patches on your t-shirt, shirt or blouse armpit that makes you really uncomfortable at work, college or in social gatherings? If yes then it is the right time to consider our Miradry treatment. Miradry one of the best treatment available that can permanently eliminate hyperhidrosis in your underarms through non-invasive means.

miraDry is a fast procedure that can eliminate excessive sweating. It is an effective, non-invasive, safe and lasting treatment for excessive underarm sweat and Odour glands. In this treatment, electromagnetic energy used in order to effectively destroy the overactive glands that cause too much sweating.

Major benefits of miraDry procedure

  • Immediate permanent result.
  • Best Result Can Be Achieved In One To Two Short Treatments
  • The Treatment Is One-Time Only
  • Non-Strenuous Activities Can Be Resumed Quickly After Treatment
  • Patients Usually Experience No Discomfort During And After Treatment
  • During Treatment Surrounding Tissues Are Protected By Advanced Cooling Technology
  • Less Ruined Clothes Because Of Sweat And Odour

Who is a good candidate for miraDry?

MiraDry treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to eliminate his or her underarm wetness and armpit Odour.  You are a good candidate for miraDry treatments if

  • You suffer from excessive underarm sweating
  • You suffer from excessive armpit Odour
  • You have tried many other treatment options with no positive outcomes
  • You need to change your clothes throughout the day due to excessive wetness under your arm.
  • Antiperspirants doesn’t work for you.

MiraDry can permanently end the underarm sweating!

How does miraDry works?

Step 1: The customized treatment area that is your underarm will be marked.

Step 2: The treatment area will be numbed in preparation for MiraDry treatment.

Step 3: The surgeon will place the miraDry handpiece onto the patient’s skin and lining up with the markings that were applied to the underarm.

Step 4: After that, the miraDry handpiece will be activated. The patient will feel a moderate suction as his or her skin and glands are brought closer to the surface to get the maximum results.




Step 5: After that miraWave energy is delivered to remove sweat and Odour glands.




Results will be immediate. Sweat glands do not grow back once they are removed or destroyed. So, your excessive underarm sweat becomes a thing of the past. Miradry can be effective with just one session for most patients, however the outcomes will vary from patient to patient, and a second treatment may be needed in rare cases. There is zero recovery downtime with Miradry. You can return to work and resume daily activities, although vigorous exercise must be postponed for 2-3 days. The overall satisfaction rate with this treatment is 90 percent.


$2,500 is the cost of the treatment. Only one treatment is needed in 90% of cases. In approximately 10% of cases, a second treatment may be needed at a cost of $1,400.

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