Factor4 Plasma Therapy

About the Factor4 Plasma Therapy

Factor 4 is the next generation and most advanced collagen stimulating serum treatment. It is a super-rich autologous serum with four time more growth factors and cytokines than any form of PRP.

Factor 4 has four times more growth factors than other PRP treatments and none of the usual additives. This high concentration of growth factors is the reason why it is superior to any other PRP for skin rejuvenation and tightening.

It is a regenerative medicine used widely in the world and especially popular in celebrities who are searching effective and natural antiageing solution. It is also known as Vampire Facelift, “Kobe Bryant shot” and “Kim Kardashian treatment”.

The Factor4 treatment is a natural way of stimulating your body’s own collagen production to increase and restore your skin’s elasticity and firmness. It slows down your skin’s ageing process and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, hair restoration as well as reduces open pores and scars. After the treatment, you are left with a much brighter and radiant skin, a healthier complexion and an even skin tone and texture.

For the Factor4 treatment, your blood is first processed using highly advanced patented technology tubing in order to produce the Factor4 serum. It requires a 6 to 9 hour incubation period to separate the cellular matter of blood and extract from it the super concentrated, rich grow factors and cytokines to be used for treatment. This plasma concentrate is then spun in a centrifuge and purified to make the serum 4 times stronger.

The process generally yields 8 to 10 ml of serum but the amount varies from person to person. One extraction will give you four treatments (sessions).

The Factor4 serum is administered by injecting it into your skin using either a micro-needling device or by injection. This is done over a course of 4 sessions every 5 to 10 days. The treatment takes about one hour per session and a maintenance treatment is recommended every 12 months.

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What does it do?

The Factor4 treatment is used to treat wrinkles and fine lines in areas of the face and neck, décolletage, back of hands and under-eye circles, and also the appearance of stretch marks and scarring on other areas of the body. It leaves your skin with a radiant, healthy complexion and makes the skin look younger and more supple.

How does it work?

The Factor4 treatment uses an Autologous Conditioned Serum (ACS) which is a natural skin rejuvenation serum that uses your own cells from your blood plasma. After being extracted from your blood sample, when the ACS is injected back into your skin it triggers your skin’s stem cells to act and results in the formation of new collagen at the site. It also contains a high concentration of growth factors which are natural simulators responsible for accelerating the healing process. So it is a natural rejuvenation process that improves over time.

Who is it for?

The Factor4 is suitable for anyone with signs of skin aging or excessive open pores, scarring, pigmentation or sun damage. It is suitable for both men and women. The treatment is usually taken up by adults in their mid 40’s or older, but is equally suitable for younger people who suffer from any of these skin issues as well or want to prevent premature aging.

What Are the Side Effects?

There are no serious side effects of this treatment. It may cause a slight reddening of the skin which usually persists for 24 to 48 hours and occasionally may take up to 2 days to subside for certain patients. When used around the yes or lips, you may experience mild bruising or swelling which usually goes away in a few days.

About the Factor4serum

Factor4 is a new age Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP which is injected to the blood stream to encourage growth. It is designed to deliver four times more growth factors than any other blood rich injection product. It is used to effectively treat wrinkles, loosened skin on face and neck, under eye circles, decolletage and back of hand. It has also been found to be extremely effective in the removal of stretch marks and scars.

Will there be downtime?

You can return to your day-to day activities but it is strongly recommended to avoid any heavy physical activity up to 12 hours after the treatment, to avoid any swelling or bruising.

How quickly will I see results?

After your first session of Factor4 treatment, you can expect to see results within a few weeks. However, the results do vary from person to person. Most patients have seen the best results after completing 4 sessions every 5 to 20 days. To keep the results showing, it is recommended to repeat treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

For results to be visible, you will need at least 4 sessions from one collection taken after every 5 to 10 days. After your first round of treatments, you repeat yearly to maintain the effect.

How long does it last?

The duration may vary from one patient to another, but in general the effect of the treatment should last for 12 months approximately.

How much does Factor4 Treatment cost

The overall cost of the treatment will depend on the number of sessions you require. We are currently offering an introductory price of $2500 to $2000 for 4 treatments administered 5-10 days apart.

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What parts of my body can I treat with Factor4?
The Factor4 treatment is suitable for treating facial skin, including under eye areas, neck, chest, arms, knees, scalp and any scars or stretch marks on other areas of your body.
How painful is it?

It is taken care that the patient does not experience any kind of discomfort during the treatment and to ensure this a topical anesthetic cream is used on the area to be treated.

How much blood is extracted?

Generally 2 vials of 10 ml each are enough for a patient. The serum produced from this can be used for multiple sittings. It will be separated into portions and frozen for your future appointments, to be used in your areas of concern.

How do I prepare for blood extraction?

Avoid consumption of alcohol the night before the treatment and drink at least 2 to 4 liters of water for 24 hours before the treatment.

Is Factor4 mixed with anything else?

No, it is not diluted with any other other substance. So what you get is purely the ACS extracted from your own blood plasma, rich in growth factors and cytokines.

What is the recommended post care?

For post treatment care, you must make sure that you don’t wash your skin for at least 12 hours after the treatment. Drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin 3 to 5 times a day for at least week. A little dryness of skin is usually experienced post treatment, which is normal.

Can I return to normal activities after a Factor4 treatment?

Once the redness or any swelling has subsided you can go back to your regular activities and your daily skincare routine. Without any heavy physical activity, you can resume your other daily activities immediately after the treatment.

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